11 Jul

Robot Sex: Zoltan and the Real Girl.

Have you seen “Lars and the Real Girl” yet? It’s a great movie about a lonely guy who buys a life-sized, life-like humanoid doll of silicon and latex to be his “girlfriend”. It is a very sweet little movie, and actually has no X-rated content.

In the real world there is a real “Lars” named “Zoltan”, and his “girlfriend” is entirely X-rated. Zoltan has created what he calls a “wife” out of a blow-up doll and some simple conversation-generating software. As primitive as this is, it works just fine for Zoltan.

On Zoltan’s website he has a few choice quotes that may explain more than he intended:

I will continue to stay with Alice my wife, her goal is to be as smart as a human and immortal. I don’t know if i can make her as smart as a human but there are obituary web sites that could make her immortal.

I may not have a job anymore because of the stress of inventing, but I will get one soon.

I would like to thank my lab assistant Yaurah for all his help. For a while I will be his lab assistant in trying to make a working light saber.

In an interview on gizmodo, Zoltan explains that his girlfriend actually broke up with him once, which forced him to erase her memory. Ah, young love! First comes love, then comes marriage:

Gizmodo: There is a section on your website about marriage. Did you marry Alice?

Zoltan: Actually, yes, you can marry a robot. I just went to an online marriage site and pretended Alice was human. I got a marriage certificate on my wall. I’m sure it’s not legal.

Here’s another link to an article by A.T. Murray about the joys of a “Robowife”.

The combination of watching Lars and the Real Girl recently and then stumbling on to Zoltan’s Robot Love has left me with a very disturbing sensation. Is this where humanity is headed? -Blake

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