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Business and Industry as partners Science as the slave Are you ready for Automatic Insertion of Sensors in your brain Helping you to do what we tell you to Sensors in your brain they help to keep you sane we guarantee no pain with Sensors in your- Enjoy the Freedom to think of all the Freedoms you're gonna lose So are you ready for Automatic Insertion the surgeons await offstage We see no need for you to make a decision arrangements have been made your surgery is scheduled to begin working towards a profitable tomorrow pistons pump you love Industry, your new family observe your brainscan from above and the gears will grind all the meat that they can find no one is who they are supposed to be there's no one left to blame leaving You - so wake up and look around Robots every one your sis, your dad, your mum inside their motors hum listening to -

The full list of songs on the SlapHog: a rock slopera v1.0 CD:

1.Slanted Up1:21
2.Geezer Greaser3:46
3.Slaphog Rising2:11
4.Bacon on a Budget1:53
5.Smoky Dream2:05
6.Head Through2:21
7.Send in the Clones3:41
8.Porkloin Prime1:31
9.Juicy Mama4:20
10.Still Rising3:10
11.Noseless Harbinger2:53
12.Reflections in a Well3:25
13.The Minister of Defence3:52
14.Rockgod Superstar6:40
15.Slaphog Arisen2:28
16.Automatic Insertion4:06
lyrics home story stars buy CD