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Noseless Harbinger

The old 'Freak Egg' a.k.a. SlapHog Band#3. We had just come out of a fun jam that fell apart into formlessness, nobody having a clear idea. John took up one strain on the Bass, with Eli doing something totally different on the Guitar. I figured I'd just split the difference on my Guitar and played simple overlapping scales in dissonant keys, switching back and forth, sending messages between Eli and John.

The full list of songs on the SlapHog: a rock slopera v1.0 CD:

1.Slanted Up1:21
2.Geezer Greaser3:46
3.Slaphog Rising2:11
4.Bacon on a Budget1:53
5.Smoky Dream2:05
6.Head Through2:21
7.Send in the Clones3:41
8.Porkloin Prime1:31
9.Juicy Mama4:20
10.Still Rising3:10
11.Noseless Harbinger2:53
12.Reflections in a Well3:25
13.The Minister of Defence3:52
14.Rockgod Superstar6:40
15.Slaphog Arisen2:28
16.Automatic Insertion4:06
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