outrageous contagious
they do it for slave wages
children of the dead left to police their own
nutritious deliscious
the answer to my wishes
jackals and hyenas strip the meat off the bone
itís all about who retains control
below the frozen surface in our icy hole
no contact with the world that we used to know
left alone in our darkness, left to -
rock and roll
in our icy hole
to lose control
strip the meat off the bone
despotic melodic
our song is idiotic
stewed in our juices we feed off our disease
eliptic yet cryptic
our words form a stiptic
to coagulate the bleeding from a wound that frees
itís all about who remains in charge
over ravenous madmen who scheme as they starve
to rule in the graveyard itís so very hard
to face the truth that our ruler is -
god, an angry god, a vengeful god

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