Walking down, looking round I saw myself apon the ground right where I left me many years ago so I said: hello, what you doin lying there why don't you come up for air it's eveywhere and he said: you know I took a ride, I rode the tide, I washed right up on the other side somewhere I left me with many years to go so I said: God no, what you doin up there get your ass down here and give us a prayer just one lousy prayer Then the sky cracks wide, the stars collide, thunder peals off Jehovah's Pride Hogsnard LeFumier, the earth to stand astride Hogsnard, my special one, will you sell your soul to save your hide Stumbling past an atomic blast I felt the fury of God's own wrath from the pulpit the missiles flew but I said: lets go. Arisen masses, downtrodden classes beat back the Beast in Priestly robes Release - the Frontal Lobes Charging down from on high ground overwhelming that Demon Mound I'm right where I left me several songs ago so I said: hello, get on up and stop wasting the day the Geezer's slapping the Hog and he's getting away into the 5th dimention guess he couldn't stand the mention of dissention ooooooooooh ohooooh the tension

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