I think that I'm losing my mind sometimes, all the time I can't find, I can't find, I can't find my mind Unblinking Eye on the inside of my Skull It stares at me, glares at me exerts a pull Unblinking Eye inside my Skull I can't escape, asleep, awake I'm out of Control It watches me sees all that I do Silently I swear it's all true You gotta believe me! I can't help it, tried to stab it I just want to reach inside and grab it It never sleeps, it's just resting like sucking head wound keeps on festering Always hungry, I try to feed it it screams for more, can never please it from the beginning it was just the start of the end soul sucked out through a crack in defense a wall so solid it can keep out the friends friends of the Devil looking for their revenge a head full of broken glass, a sky made of mud a cage made of wicked dreams and screaming through blood and the Preying Mantis wouldn't pray for me to the Insect God of Eternity with no thought for the Laws that crush me down peaceful absorption in the Termite Mound

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