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Ice Rock

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artwork from the ICE ROCK cd

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In the end the earthlings destroyed their home planet. The only survivors of their race were the exiles banished to a frozen moon of a distant planet.

But the self destructive urge was deep, and even these last survivors finally descended into a chaos internecine strife. Wars raged across the ice, the dead piled in mounds of mangled flesh strewn amidst the twisted shards of their battle armour. Frozen sculpture captured for all time, the final monument to a suicidal race forgotten by time.

An alien race less bound by time came across these sad remains and sent emissaries into those last days of mankind to rescue just one survivor, one witness fit to testify at the ends of time and tell the sad and tragic tale of the great race of earth dwellers whose power and knowledge outstripped their wisdom.

The storyteller saved for this purpose was a dark creature, a perfect specimen of what mankind had become in those last days. He was a criminal banished for trade in black market organs he purchased for his own continued survival.

In those last days on the planet of exiles he fell in love with a political prisoner, a woman sent from earth for the crime of trying to stop the terminal wars of hatred and destruction.

At the last, when he had been contacted by the alien voices offering an escape from the certain destruction of his kind on that lonely ice moon, he did the first act of selflessness in his long evil life, he offered his lady love to the aliens for escape in his place. But honor and decency was not deemed a proper representation of his dark race, so at the last it was the grave-robbing selfish fiend that was chosen to represent humanity at the end of time.

Here is that tale, told in the style of those final days of ice and destruction, the native music of that frozen moon. In those days it was called Ice Rock. . .

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Here's what's on the SlapHog / Ice Rock CD:

1.Ice Rock6:07
2.To Never Return2:17
3.Sweet Young Thang4:31
4.Silks and Furs4:40
5.Fresh Parts2:47
6.Follow Your Bliss7:46
7.In-Bone Meat4:44
8.Lazyboy Cowboy2:00
9.Transhumanist Cry3:41
10.Crazy Bad6:02
11.What Laws Won't Allow1:31


lyrics centre story stars