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How To Make A Woodland Gnome


Have you ever wished you had your very own Woodland Gnome? I know I have. So how about an easy peasy tutorial?

The Woodland Gnome...

Last year Finn was only 2 months old when Halloween rolled around. He was still so tiny and I was still so wrapped up in the overwhelming newness of being a mom that spending a bunch of time making him a costume seemed kind of silly. I got him a cute themed jimjam and called it a day.

This year I vowed it would be different! I also figured I really need to take advantage of these first couple of Halloweens before he starts having opinions on his costume.

What makes a gnome costume? The beauty of it is that much of it can be found in your closet. You’ll need:

-Long sleeved shirt
-cute shoes
-whatever gnome-ish accesories you can put together

-sewing needle
-embroidery floss
-fabric glue
-stiff red felt (12″x18″ sheets are perfect)
-polar fleece

For the hat, I simply rolled a piece of stiff red felt into a cone, glued it, and then reinforced it and added detail by blanket stitching all around the edges.

His tunic is very simple. I just used a t-shirt for measuring to cut the shoulder widths and the neck hole and kept it snug on him with a belt.

The mushroom detail I cut out of some scrap felt and glued together and then again used blanket stitch to edge it. The brown ric-rac is just glued on.

A Hint

He already had the black sweatpants, black long-sleeved shirt (I added the cute mushroom ribbon at the wrists with glue), and moccasins.

Add in a chopped down belt and the old case for a pair of binoculars and his transformation into woodland gnome was complete…

The Woodland Gnome...

Oh, but heed this warning: When taking your woodland gnome out on Halloween be very very careful. Zombies consider theirs to be the finest of all the brains.

Must Eat Baby Gnome Brains

Wherever Have I Been?


So, March, huh?

I mean, I was well aware that I hadn’t posted to the blog in ages, but as I loaded my Ravelry profile the other day I spied the most recent blog posts and saw March sitting there at the tip top. Shameful!

I do have an excuse. Two of them, in fact!

1) Sir Finnegan Wilde. He has been keeping me incredibly busy with his fantastic baby antics. I won’t bore you with the details of my adoration for my little boy, but suffice to say his awesomeness requires a LOT of constant interaction and super-vigilance.


2) We’ve got fancy plans and pants to match. What are those plans? Well, I realize this will come as a shock to some, but after eight years of homesteading in the wilds of rural Oregon we are heading back to the Big City (aka Portland). We’re very excited!

Now, I think item #2 on the list deserves its own post, so that will come soon.

I’ll try to get a couple of posts up before we move Mid-December, and then my plan is to re-launch the blog anew in the new Year. It’ll be a place for me to chart our journey back to the city, our new adventures being urban farmers, all sorts of crafty goodness and of course sharing fibery Maisy Day treats.

So how have you been? :)

Hooking Madness


There has been a whirlwind of crafting here on the Homestead. Well, as much of a whirlwind as one can achieve when trying to keep up with the demands of a super active 6 month old wee one.

This Winter Olympics I had a simple and obvious goal…I was going to medal in the Ravelympics if it killed me! I was so disappointed when I wasn’t able to medal for my Who scarf last go around.

This time around…SUCCESS! I finally finished Finn’s ripple baby blanket (which I started back when I was knocked up).


Does He Like It?

Also, much to my hooking and swapping delight, there is another Potholder Swap! (Rav link) Hooray! I fiddled around with some patterns, but really wanted to do something different from last time. So I opted for this lovely flower motif due to it being delightfully old-timey.


If you’re not on Ravelry and want to ogle the gorgeous potholders everyone is cranking out, there is also a Flickr group.

There is other adventure afoot here on the Homestead, which I will get into in a later post. But for now the sun is shining, Finn is still a BGB (Big Giant Baby), and we’re being very productive on some very big projects.

Woolly Treats


As promised, some new freshly dyed top for the shop. Enjoy!

Etsy Goodies


Did a small Etsy update, including some super yummy handspun and a bunch of delightful Merino/silk sock yarn.


medlar harvest

I’ve also got a bunch of freshly dyed wool hanging to dry. Waiting, waiting, waiting…it’s so cold and rainy here things just stay vaguely damp, but I have high hopes for the drying warmth of the woodstove tonight! Soon as I can weigh it out I’ll pop it up in the shop as well.

Nerd Fashion


We are a house of nerds, and Finnegan will be assimilated. You can really never start too early.

Some of you may recall far into the distant past to the 2008 Ravelympics. I didn’t get a medal (this year will be different!), but did ultimately finish my lofty knitting goal of making myself a fabulous and huge Four Scarf.

I also had quite a bit of leftover yarn, and what better way to stash bust than to make Finnegan a matching hat? It’s the obvious solution.


And here we are together showing off our matching nerd gear…