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Hooking Madness


There has been a whirlwind of crafting here on the Homestead. Well, as much of a whirlwind as one can achieve when trying to keep up with the demands of a super active 6 month old wee one. This Winter Olympics I had a simple and obvious goal…I was going to medal in the Ravelympics […]

Woolly Treats


As promised, some new freshly dyed top for the shop. Enjoy!



OK…now the comments are REALLY fixed. For reals, honest! I’ll just apologize profusely again if you’ve been trying to comment here, and I’m very sorry I missed it if you did. Actual posts about actual crafty and homesteady goodness to come, I just managed to dye up oodles of soft and cozy fingering sock yarn […]

The Mystery of the Missing Comments


Hello! So may I offer my sincere apologies if you are someone who attempted to leave a comment here on the blog the last couple of months. I’ve had a very mysterious problem that is FINALLY fixed, so comments are back to normal. The mysterious nature of the problem combined with the baby-having adventure really […]

Tag, I’m It!


Dawn over at the Knitting Gnome has tagged me for a meme, and I’m the sort of gal who’s always happy to play along, so here goes: We’ve heard that five servings of fruits and veggies every day keeps us healthy. But, what about our mental health? Andy Gibson has started a meme asking bloggers […]

Claudius Who Loved Hugging


We instantly fell in love with Claudius when we brought him home back in June. He fit perfectly into our lives and we looked forward to years upon years with him as a part of our furry family. Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to be. Three weeks ago we discovered our little Claudius had an untreatable […]