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Category Archives: Maisy Day Handspun

Etsy Goodies


Did a small Etsy update, including some super yummy handspun and a bunch of delightful Merino/silk sock yarn. I’ve also got a bunch of freshly dyed wool hanging to dry. Waiting, waiting, waiting…it’s so cold and rainy here things just stay vaguely damp, but I have high hopes for the drying warmth of the woodstove […]

Wintry Treats


Hello fiber fans! Just a quick post to share a couple of fresh dyelots that have been added to the Etsy shop. I think the approaching Holidays are very much on my mind and in my dyepot In other crafting news, I finished up one Christmas gift that I can safely post…that Finn is pretty […]

Happy Fibery Fall!


Happy Fall! Maisy Day Handspun is celebrating the lovely start of Fall with an epic sale to make way for freshly dyed goodness for the Christmas season. If you like a bargain, head on over to the Etsy shop and take a gander at the myriad fibery treats available. In addition I’ve dyed up some […]

The Next Few Weeks…


In regards to The Bun in the Oven and the business doings of Maisy Day Handspun… I won’t be doing any updating for a bit, so what’s available currently in the Etsy shop and over at Hello Yarn is likely going to be it for the time being. We’ll just see how things go in […]

The Plague


Does anyone else feel like the nastiest Summer colds ever are going around randomly attacking people this season? I have so many sickly friends and family lately. Also, soooo many things to catch up on! I’ve been thoroughly knocked down and out by The Plague. Apparently when you’re knocked up The Plague comes disguised as […]

Handspun Update!


Wow, time flies, eh? Just a quickie to let you know there’s a bunch of fresh Maisy Day Handspun available over at Hello Yarn in a variety of tasty colors. I promise an actual honest to goodness blog update soonest