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Category Archives: Homestead Adventures

Wherever Have I Been?


So, March, huh? I mean, I was well aware that I hadn’t posted to the blog in ages, but as I loaded my Ravelry profile the other day I spied the most recent blog posts and saw March sitting there at the tip top. Shameful! I do have an excuse. Two of them, in fact! […]

Welcome to the Homestead, Finnegan!


After beginning to wonder if I might just stay maddeningly knocked up forever, the Bun in the Oven finally arrived on August 22nd, at 2:57pm. One and a half weeks past his due date. Hooray! I’d like to introduce our strapping baby boy: Finnegan Wilde Kincaid! Did I say strapping? Because what I really mean […]

Once More With Feeling…


Alright, I posted this yesterday, and it got eaten in a final blip of trouble with my blog, so I’m going to try and recreate it somewhat… So, a brief sum up of the last couple of months so I can get back to posting and start fresh! No need to retread the Arctic Blast, […]



Between Arctic Blasts and holidays, colds and general life stuff, bandwidth issues and server switches….well, let’s just say the poor blog has been sorely neglected, largely by need rather than laziness. Poor blog! A few long overdue and no longer newsworthy words about the dread Arctic Blast. Whoa. That was some storm, eh? We haven’t […]

My Favorite Time of Year


Truly. I tend to always say when asked that I can’t possibly pick a favorite season…but then Fall rolls around again and I realize just how fabulous it is. The cold, crisp air, the bright clear sunshine and all the crunchy leaves…there’s really nothing to complain about. There continues to be a nonstop parade of […]

What? You Got MORE?


Yes, yes I did 😀 More chicks, that is…our plan this year was to add anywhere between 3-6 new girls to our flock. It seems there have been a lot of problems this year with hatcheries getting ridiculously behind on their hatchings, anyone else noticed? Our local feed stores have all had problems getting their […]