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Category Archives: Jibber Jabber

The Plague


Does anyone else feel like the nastiest Summer colds ever are going around randomly attacking people this season? I have so many sickly friends and family lately. Also, soooo many things to catch up on! I’ve been thoroughly knocked down and out by The Plague. Apparently when you’re knocked up The Plague comes disguised as […]

Pretty, Pretty!


Finally! Now I don’t think I’ve ever discussed my whole tattoo thing here on the blog, but I’ve wanted a tattoo of a trillium since forever (“forever” in this case being my teens). I knew at some point the time and the artist would be right and tah-dah! Here it is: It’s looking even prettier […]

One Local Summer, Week Three and Stuff


Our One Local Summer meal for week three… Homestead egg frittata filled with yellow squash, onion, garlic, spinach and local sharp cheddar. On the side: green beans sauteed with garlic and fresh out of the oven herb-filled bread. To drink: a freshly pulled pint of Blake’s home brewed Hefeweizen. Cheats: olive oil, salt…oh, and the […]

The Tale of the Forsaken Boat


One of the things I find funny about living rurally is how slowly things move. Often, things go from slow to grinding to a complete halt, and that’s when you start to get interesting rural decay in the landscape. I’m endlessly entertained by the slow-motion saga of this boat- So our neighbour has a bit […]



For lack of a better description, my blog is kinda broken. Everything is still here, but the sidebar has fallen to the bottom, and the background is shot. My apologies, I know it’s hard to read on the grey. Unfortunately, the “broken” bit isn’t anything obvious with the theme or really anything else that would […]

Friendly Happy Technology


The times they are a changin’ on the homestead. We’ve had the same printer for the entire duration of our relationship. The printer my parents got me when I was going to be going to college…that was back in 1995. It’d been hobbling along on its last leg for months, then it started making downright […]