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Category Archives: Bun in the Oven

A Room of His Own


I’m going to start off by giving Blake and myself a little collective pat on the back. You see, we are MASSIVE and chronic procrastinators. Yet somehow, we amazingly got ourselves together and got ready for the arrival of The Bun in the Oven in a logical and timely fashion. Truly, this is unheard of! […]

The Next Few Weeks…


In regards to The Bun in the Oven and the business doings of Maisy Day Handspun… I won’t be doing any updating for a bit, so what’s available currently in the Etsy shop and over at Hello Yarn is likely going to be it for the time being. We’ll just see how things go in […]

It’s Mid-July, and I’m 37 Weeks….Eek!


Well, not a lot to post about, so not much in the way of blogging lately. I’m pretty much just hanging out and gestating at this point. See? My little tomato container garden is zipping long happily, but up here on our ridgetop it’ll still be quite some time before we have any actual ripe […]

So Much Hooking


So suddenly I can’t stop making baby stuff. Which, you know, makes a goodly amount of sense given my knocked up state. First I made these little baby booties out of some handspun. They’re a crocheted version of the adorable and popular Saartjes Booties. Very fun and easy to whip out during a movie. Rav […]

Once More With Feeling…


Alright, I posted this yesterday, and it got eaten in a final blip of trouble with my blog, so I’m going to try and recreate it somewhat… So, a brief sum up of the last couple of months so I can get back to posting and start fresh! No need to retread the Arctic Blast, […]