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Category Archives: Finnegan Wilde

How To Make A Woodland Gnome


Have you ever wished you had your very own Woodland Gnome? I know I have. So how about an easy peasy tutorial? Last year Finn was only 2 months old when Halloween rolled around. He was still so tiny and I was still so wrapped up in the overwhelming newness of being a mom that […]

Wherever Have I Been?


So, March, huh? I mean, I was well aware that I hadn’t posted to the blog in ages, but as I loaded my Ravelry profile the other day I spied the most recent blog posts and saw March sitting there at the tip top. Shameful! I do have an excuse. Two of them, in fact! […]

Nerd Fashion


We are a house of nerds, and Finnegan will be assimilated. You can really never start too early. Some of you may recall far into the distant past to the 2008 Ravelympics. I didn’t get a medal (this year will be different!), but did ultimately finish my lofty knitting goal of making myself a fabulous […]

Holiday Preparations


Not being able to post pictures of what you’re up to really cramps a girl’s blogging style, let me tell you. There will be a flurry of pictures post-Christmas of craftiness once all gifts have been delivered. I can, however, show you cookies. I’m tickled to death over my woodland-themed cookie cutters. The cookies are […]

Wintry Treats


Hello fiber fans! Just a quick post to share a couple of fresh dyelots that have been added to the Etsy shop. I think the approaching Holidays are very much on my mind and in my dyepot In other crafting news, I finished up one Christmas gift that I can safely post…that Finn is pretty […]

The Secret Lives of Woodland Animals


A while back Adrian sent me some very charming little old postcards, many of which were illustrations by a British artist named Molly Brett. They were so lovely I decided I had to do something to display them. Since some of them were obvious sets with a theme, I decided on triple frames, then went […]