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Happy New Year!


Well, I meant to post my Christmas crafting right after Christmas when all gifts had been given, but I managed to get waylaid by various and sundry other stuff. On the downside the blog is lonely. On the upside we’ve got a freshly redone bathroom, purged a crapload (that’s an official measurement, btw) of hoarded books, and I’ve embarked on an epic closet sorting/purging project.

So that’s good, right?

Anyhoo, on to the belated crafting roundup!

Now that I have a wee babe to keep a constant eye on, I had to keep things pretty simple. And what, I ask you, is more simple and rewarding than super quick to crochet up coasters? I could knock one of these out any time I had a few spare minutes and they added up quickly into pretty piles of goodness.
Noro Coasters
The yarn is just various skeins of Noro Kureyon, and the pattern is Motif #30, from the book “Beyond the Square; Crochet Motifs,” by Edie Eckman. (Rav link)

Family members got their very own little Finnegan ornament in honor of his Very First Christmas.
From Finn

My mother was all atwitter over the potholders I did for the swap earlier this year, so she got a couple for her kitchen.
As Requested

And Finnegan’s friend, Beatrix got a cozy handspun hat complete with pompoms.
Beatrix Beanie

The yarn is my own worsted two-ply handspun from my “Sweetpea” colorway and the pattern is the Brrr Baby Beanie.


Holiday Preparations


Not being able to post pictures of what you’re up to really cramps a girl’s blogging style, let me tell you. There will be a flurry of pictures post-Christmas of craftiness once all gifts have been delivered.

I can, however, show you cookies. I’m tickled to death over my woodland-themed cookie cutters. The cookies are traditional Pepparkakor (I substituted molasses for the corn syrup, and used half brown sugar).



I had oroginally thought I’d be doing a massive shop update before Christmas, but it’s going to just have to be a massive Happy New Years update at this point. Baby duty combined with Christmas preparations has sucked up any Maisy Day Handspun time.

BUT! How excited are we about Finn’s very first Christmas? So very excited! While he won’t remember his first Holidays, he’s enjoying it all quite a lot. He loves all the twinkling lights and ornaments, and I’ve been making sure he has plenty of paper demolishing practice so he’s ready for the Big Day. 😉

Happy Holidays from Finn!

Happy Holidays from Finn!

The onslaught begins this upcoming weekend, so from here on out I may not have a chance for much, if any, posting until after Christmas. Due to that, I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season! May you be with those you love, and stuff oodles of good food in your pie hole!

Happy Holidays from the Homestead!

Wintry Treats


Hello fiber fans!

Just a quick post to share a couple of fresh dyelots that have been added to the Etsy shop.

I think the approaching Holidays are very much on my mind and in my dyepot :)



In other crafting news, I finished up one Christmas gift that I can safely post…that Finn is pretty smart, but I doubt he’s secretly reading my blog.

brrr baby beanie

I crocheted him the above soft beanie complete with giant pom pom for later this Winter and come Spring when he grows out of some of the awesome hats he’s currently wearing.

Mine is made from one skein of Noro Silk Garden, and I used a G hook to take it down in size a bit. Pattern here!

As for Sir Finnegan, he celebrated his 3 month Birthday on Sunday, photographic evidence of his glee can be seen here.

The Secret Lives of Woodland Animals


A while back Adrian sent me some very charming little old postcards, many of which were illustrations by a British artist named Molly Brett.

They were so lovely I decided I had to do something to display them. Since some of them were obvious sets with a theme, I decided on triple frames, then went about dressing them up with little satin photo corners and lined each with red velvet rick rack.

old postcard art

I mean, honestly, who can resist little woodland critters going about their business driving cars, catching buses and waiting for the train? (I know I can’t, but I doubt that’s surprising to anyone.)

postcard closeup

I have more to finish up, but crafting time around here comes in fits and spurts and depends entirely on the whims of a certain chubby little someone.

I’ve also been doing some crocheting in my spare moments. But sadly it’s all Christmas related, so cannot be fully exposed until after the Holidays. Wah-wah.


Oh, and in case you were wondering if Finnegan enjoys a good bath, the answer is a resounding YES.

i love baths!

An Unexpected Treat


Last weekend we took Finnegan on his first exciting journey to the blustery Oregon coast. Except instead of being blustery (it is November, after all) it was absolutely gorgeous and sunny!

Finn was introduced to the vastness of the ocean, and he approved.

i approve!

While that was all most certainly exciting, there was another aspect to the trip that tickled my fancy to no end. In fact, I still can’t quite believe what I spied walking through the little park on the way to the beach, can you guess?

Some were just emerging…


And some were halfway there….


And some were fully opened beautiful specimens!

fly agaric

I mean really, can you even believe it? Having never ever spied these with my own two eyes in person it was easy to believe they were just the stuff of fairytales, despite all the photographic evidence I’ve seen to the contrary.

But now I know they exist. I even found a tiny broken one in the grass, which I wrapped up and brought home to continue staring at in disbelief. Much to my delight, after a couple of days sitting around on the mantle, it opened!

It’s long gone now, so I’m left with only pictures to reassure me that I really truly saw these magical toadstools in person. Maybe I can visit them again next year!


I haven’t been able to do much in the way of posting lately, what with the wee babe and all, but I figured a nice Fall post was in order.

I also haven’t had much time for crafting due to aforementioned babe, but allow me to post a short general roundup nonetheless…

I managed to harvest rosehips and make a rosehip and apple jelly, my first attempt and it’s really quite delicious!

rosehip jelly

Finnegan continues to amplify his cuteness at a startling rate…


All sorts of interesting mushrooms are just starting to emerge…


And Finally, we had a nice little weekend adventure, taking Finn for his first of many annual visits to The Pumpkin Patch.

pumpkin patch

Sadly, it was a short visit, and we didn’t go out to the actual pumpkin fields because the super bumpy hayride and crazy mud all seemed a bit too fraught with peril for a two month old. Finnegan shares his own take on the outing on his blog.