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Current Cast

as Hogsnard, Guitar Player and Singer.
formerly of Satanburger, Otter, Freak Egg, and the Gnostril 5.

as Ammad Geddin, the Drummer.
formerly known as a weird minnesota hep cat.

as Lickety Splitz, the Bass Player.
formerly of Sponge, Freak Egg and Homunculous.

as the insane singer
heard on our CD Ice Rock.


Former Members

was our drummer until just around christmas 1999.
He just had to up and move to California!
Naughty naughty boy, he was formerly of the Sandelles.
Allan Shwartz,
He was our singer, that's right, we had a dedicated front man for a while. It was a good idea, but he moved to The Dalles.
Dave Daly,
from Mongo Bongo and the
Gnostril 5.
He was our drummer before Dick was.

Ben Salzberg, from Homunculous and the Gnostril 5.
Check out his webpage, he rides a weird reclining bike, and is a most peculiar gentleman.

Ted Cowan, from Extra Fine Shredded Lettuce, Deaf Children, Bing Ra, and the Nightshades.

Ben Lund, from Extra Fine Shredded Lettuce, Deaf Children, Bing Ra, Emergency!, and Peter Pants.

Jesse Lund, from Fisted Sister and Peter Pants.

Karen Lizars, from the Gnostril 5.

John Champlin, from Freak Egg, Homunculous, and the Gnostril 5.

Eli has a whole other set of web pages at so check them out!!

lyrics centre story CD