Wanna Help Us?

You don't need to be a programming wizard to help write adventures, you just need to know how to cut/copy/past in a text editor like windows notepad. If you download a page from our current adventure you can open it in a text editor and see how we are using javascript to read the cookies and create random events.

We are using Yet Another Cookie Script to make our javascript cookies. It's a free cookie script that lets you concentrate on writing the rest of the game.

To play around with our adventure offline, on your own computer, create a folder and save some of our webpages into it. Also save the yacs.js file into it. Then open one of the pages in your browser, and also open it in your text editor. You can make changes to the page in the text editor, save the file, then hit reload/refresh on your browser and see what your changes did. Netscape Navigator seems to be better for playing the game, but Internet Explorer has a nice setting for debugging javascript. You have to turn on the feature in the settings, but then it will tell you where your mistakes are.

If you know how to unzip a zip file, heres everything you need:
just download this and unzip it into an empty folder.

In the Juicy cookie are these variables:

Juicy.values.name = character's name

Juicy.values.troops = Number of troops still with you. If zero, then you are alone.

Juicy.values.money = Amount of money in thousands of dollars, for bribes.

Juicy.values.weapon = Personal weapons. 0 = unarmed, 1 = handgun, 2 = handgun + machinegun.

Juicy.values.ammo = Ammunition. With no ammunition hand to hand combat still allowed.

Juicy.values.entry = Number of robotic spiders at the entrance.

Juicy.values.lab = Number of evil scientists in the laboratory.

Juicy.values.capture = Number of interrogators.

Juicy.values.snard = If 0 then you haven't rescued Hogsnard yet.

Juicy.values.score = Score accumulated.

Juicy.values.page = The last page visited within the game, as in 'start.htm'.

When you have created something you want us to look at just email us the code. To do that open the page you've created in your text editor, select everything (highlight all the text), then paste it into the body of an email and mail it to: battle@slaphog.com. If you are really hip you could bundle a bunch of pages into a zip file and email that to us as an attatchment. We'll test it out, and if it's ready to rock we'll post it to our site for the entire world to enjoy. Make sure to let us know how we should credit you.

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