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Send in the Clones . . .

And so, against the advice of his astrologers, the geezer orchestrated a mock
assassination attempt of Snard, and in the confusion replaced him with a clone.
The geezer had long ago taken the precaution of creating hundreds of Snard,
Ammad and Lickety clones, and now he unleashed them on the world.
The band SlapHog suddenly began performing simultaneous shows around the world.
At first the public was swept up in the drama of injured Hogsnard valiantly
taking to the stage to entertain them. And his injuries did seem to explain
his sudden lack of that mysterious charm they so loved. But soon rumours began
to circulate that this was indeed not the true Snard, and that the real
HogSnard was now . . . where?

Snard was taken directly to the geezer's dungeon, where the geezer decided to
try and torture the rockstar into finishing the role set out for him of ruling
the world as a puppet of the geezer. The geezer chose as his method of torture
the witholding of satanburger. Although an exquisite torture, as the drug
had been specifically designed to cause maximum pain during withdrawals,
unfortunately for the geezer Snard was able to withstand it, and so kicked
his satanburger addiction. Oh well, thought the geezer, I guess I'll just have
to kill him and use my clones to finish my plan.

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lyrics music story stars