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a slight changes of plans . . .

At this point however events did deviate from the master plan.
First, and most importantly, Juicy Mama made her escape from the geezer's dungeon.
And having seen the geezer's operation first hand, now knew the horrible truth
behind all of the smaller conspiracy theories she had previously believed.
With this knowledge she immediately began organizing a revolutionary army
up in the hills. She knew of the geezer's plans for Snard, and she knew that
under the influence of satanburger that she was not at present able to
make contact. So she threw herself into the task of creating the resistance.

The next interesting developement was the geezer's escape from his vat.
His brain was place inside a giant 40ft tall cybernetic body,
allowing him to finally visit his vengence apon the world in person.
Which he immediately did by starting all sorts of unnecessary wars,
just so he could take to the battlefield and partake in the collateral damage.

And finally, the most unexpected developement was that Hogsnard, despite his
all-consuming addiction to satanburger, was once again showing signs of rebellion.
It was becoming obvious that a mere drug would not be enough to suppress
his true nature. And with Juicy Mama at large organizing indigenous forces,
drastic measures were needed.

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lyrics music story stars