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Juicy Mama to the Rescue!

And then it was that Juicy Mama made her daring assault on the geezer's
compound, and at great cost to her revolutionary army, rescued Snard.
Apon his arrival at the mountainous hideout up in the treetops he was
greeted by both Ahmad Geddin and Lickety Splitz. But what to do now?

Juicy already had the answer - a giant reunion concert.
Juicy's revolutionary army had already finished the secret construction of
a gigantic outdoor stadium. And her cyberwarriors with the help of Ahmad had broken into the
worldwide infotainment network, and were ready at the push of a button
to simulcast the concert to the entire planet. A planet that was already
abuzz with speculation as to the whereabouts of the real Hogsnard.

And so the show begins . . .

Hope to see you there!

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lyrics CD story stars