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Science as Slave!

Now we come to a part of the story that some people refuse to believe,
and that is the slavery of science to power. For science is indeed a slave, and the benefits of scientific discovery have always been held in secret for many years before their public release, long enough for the rich and powerful to extract the maximum advantage over their fellow human beings. And this is what happened a little more than 200 years ago when a feisty little scientist name Frankenstein discovered how to reanimate dead flesh.

Yes, Mary Shelly was not a fiction writer, but a brave whistle blower, unheeded by the world. The evil geezer, his body soon to die, undertook to have the new technology applied to himself, and at the same time witheld from humanity. Unfortunately his body gave out before the science was perfected, and the best that Dr. Frankenstein could do was to preserve the evil geezer's brain in a large bubbling vat. Several investigative documentaries were made during the 1950's and 60's exposing this technology, but the public mistook them for grade B science fiction. The unfinished process was extremely painful, and the geezer did what any evil potentate would do, he had the good doctor murdered. Tisk tisk, evil geezer, that was the only scientist who new the secret of eternal life - now you are doomed to spend the next 200 years an agonized brain trapped in a bubbling vat. . .

Of course we need not go over the intervening years of war, pestilence and famine,
all the meticulous handiwork of the geezer. But now we come to the next phase of
our story, and the very beginning of our deliscious Rock Slopera.

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lyrics music story stars