SCIENCE! Church-of (pandementionalslurpintudinal etc.)

Of the five Gnostrils of Saint DRZB the fifth is 'Pan-Dement-ional'. To whiff with this Gnostril is to 'Slurp-in-tude'.

Groink! is the journal of our religion.

Slaphog are the prophets of our message.

Dr.ZenBuddha is our patron saint.

Apokelypsmystic Telepavision is our evangelical broadcast wetnerk for conning old ladies out of their retirement checks (wait, that's what the christians do!)

and the
Illumignostri is where you can join in our holy order.

The Fifth Fritilary Fist of Pandementional Slurpintudinous Science.
The rituals of our order are most bizarre, secret and forbidden, yet hidden in plain site.
The Church of which the Illumignostri are the secret army.
The Army of Hog!
All Hail Dr.Zen Buddha!
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