warmth and peace of mind all meaning here I find
          with dawn the night is day I see the right true way is here with you
          the meaning now I see the light is filling me
          through your eyes it pours and lifts my gaze up towards
          image of life I find indwelling state of mind
             with in you, what I see in you is you
          I'll suffer life's cruel hoax, this monumental joke
          the helpless search for truth to taste forbidden fruit
          all memories lost are gone but one still lingers on
                 is it true, am I here with you
                    what I see in you is you
          in loneliness now I dwell to burn in a private hell
          for fate has so decreed I'll burn eternally
          my soul licked by the flames my love I still proclaim
                          all for you 
                      nothing else is true
                          without you
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