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Automatic Insertion into Life . . .

And so hatched the evil geezer's plan of controlling the environment of the
saviour child, and imprinting into his childlike brain the traumas and tradgedies
that would provide the neuroses through which he could be controlled later in life.
To this end the child was promptly stolen at birth from his parents
and placed into a family of robots, under the direct control of the geezer.

It was during these years that little Hogsnard (a name given by the geezer for
unknown reasons - his mother's name, perhaps?) met the only humans of his
childhood. First were Lickety Splitz and Ahmad Geddin, both themselves
being raised by robots, and even at this point being groomed for the
hedonistic rock-and-roll lifestyle to come. Finally, when it was time for
college, the geezer felt secure enough in his control over Hogsnard to allow him,
and his friends, to go to a college in the real world. It was time to test
Hogsnard's supernatural charisma and leadership. The three, seemingly of
their own free will, formed a band called SlapHog. Although their music
was rough and not too creative, they immediately developed a following.
So far, so good . . .

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lyrics music story stars