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Satanburger 50cc

Hogsnard's new awareness was indeed starting to cause trouble,
as it coincided with the carefully planned climb to stardom that the geezer was orchestrating.
Just as SlapHog's songs were hitting the radio Snard began writing songs with political messages.
And they were not the messages the geezer had intended.
The geezer's solution was simple, and effective, he had a new drug bioengineered
to act specifically on Hogsnard's physiology, a drug so addictive that free will
could safely be eliminated. The drug was codenamed 'satanburger' after one of
the geezer's favorite bands of the 80s.

With the introduction of satanburger into our plotline the rest of the story
should follow the geezer's plan without deviation. First the boys of SlapHog
become the most popular band in the world, due both to the geezer's control
over all media outlets, and Snard's innate charisma. And then, in order to cheat
the prophesy, Snard would, under the geezer's careful control, assume the office
of dictator of the world. With the geezer safely pulling the strings from
behind the scenes.

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lyrics music story stars